2012   BURISA/LARIA event
  2011 Census 2011 and Beyond - The Essential User Guide
  2010 Tomorrow's World: forecasting and projections
  2009 Location, location, location - Whither Geographical Information?
  2008 All change: How can we get better population statistics to plan local services?
  2007 Local versus National Information Systems - Who Wins?

Mind the Gap: Information needs for local strategies


New National Databases:opportunities and challenges

  2004 Beyond the Census: Tracking Social Change
      2003 Making the Most of the Census
  2002 Nation to Neighbourhood: The Census and Beyond
      2000   Data for Developing Regions
      1999   Beyond 2000: Planning for New Data and its Dissemination
      1998   Urban and Regional Futures
      1997   New Access Systems, New Datasets
      1996   Labour Market Information and Systems
      1995   Population Postcodes and Points
      1994   Measurement of Public Service Performance
      1993   Targeting Services using the Census and GIS



September 2008 Joint BURISA/UPTAP Workshop on migration and ethnicity topics

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